Current Lab Members

Cameron A. Schmidt, PhD (PI)

My research is broadly focused on understanding how interactions between the physical microenvironment, cellular energy transformations, and control systems inform the emergent properties of cells and cell collectives. My integrative backgrounds in physiology and biochemistry have afforded me the flexibility to pursue relevant problems in a variety of translational research contexts including cardiovascular disease, metabolic disease, cancer, systems pharmacology. My current and future work aims to solve basic and applied problems in animal fertility and reproduction. ECU Website 

Ben Brisard, B.S.

I'm from Wake Forest North Carolina and completed my B.S. in Biology at ECU. I am pursuing an interdisciplinary Biology/Biochemistry PhD and am developing empirical and computational approaches to better understand (and predict) mammalian fertility. Following completion of my doctoral training, I plan to pursue a post-doctoral training abroad.   

Ethan Carrow, A.S.

I was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, and I am proud of the area that I came from and the family who raised me. I am working towards an undergraduate degree in biochemistry, and I would eventually like to pursue a career in biomedical research. In addition to a major in biochemistry, I am also working towards a minor in computer science. Both of those programs will help me get to my desired career by giving me an in-depth understanding of topics, such as analyzing cellular functions on a molecular scale and utilizing computer software to advance biomedical understanding.

Chelsea Dennis, A.S.

I am a mother to a spirited 5-year-old, and I received my associate in science degree prior to coming to ECU. I am currently working on a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry to pursue a career in microbiology, bioenergetics, genetics, or environmental toxicology. Both of my parents and one of my grandparents have worked in the medical field, which familiarized me with anatomy and physiology as well as biochemical processes of the human body.  I have always had a fondness for science, specifically biology and chemistry, and that is what drove me to pursue a degree in biochemistry. I would like to find work right after I complete my bachelor's degree while also continuing my education to receive a master's degree in the field of biochemistry.

Logan Harrison, A.S. 

I am from Raleigh, I originally thought I would be a Broadway actor, but after a few experiences in medicine with the EMS and shadowing I found that being a doctor is my calling. I am currently studying for the MCAT and checking off all the boxes necessary to be the best applicant possible to medical schools. Being a biology and chemistry major solidifies the knowledge I need to become a better physician. 

Stephanie Stewart

I am working towards completion of my Mathematics/Computer Science degree as part of the Honors College, EC Scholars program, and early assurance program to the Brody School of Medicine.  I hope to pursue a career in research and make scientific advancement in the field of medicine.  My course of study has provided me with a level of mathematical understanding higher than that of a typical undergraduate student.  This has allowed me to expand my skillset in coding to be more efficient, which is a useful method to use in research. 

Aidan Charles

I am Biochemistry student from Charlotte, North Carolina. I have always held an interest in microbiology and biochemistry. I am currently an academic junior expecting to graduate May 2024. I hope to continue on to earn my Ph.D. and work in the field of biochemistry research.

Come learn with us

We have training opportunities for interested students to come learn with us and get involved in our research. We also look for ways to provide research experiences for students who don't have the time or capability to be physically present in the lab by offering remote training opportunities focused on computationally intensive projects (no previous computation skills required). Interested students can inquire by sending a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to