Recent Publications

Schmidt CA, Hale BJ, Bhowmick D, Miller WJ, Neufer PD, Geyer CB. Pyruvate modulation of redox potential controls mouse sperm motility. Developmental Cell. 2024 Jan 8;59(1):79-90.  Read It 

Schmidt CA. Prescription drugs and mitochondrial metabolism. Bioscience Reports. 2022 Apr;42(4):BSR20211813. Read It  

Schmidt CA, McLaughlin KL, Boykov IN, Mojalagbe R, Ranganathan A, Buddo KA, Lin CT, Fisher-Wellman KH, Neufer PD. Aglycemic growth enhances carbohydrate metabolism and induces sensitivity to menadione in cultured tumor-derived cells. Cancer & Metabolism. 2021 Dec;9(1):1-21. Read It 

Schmidt CA, Fisher-Wellman KH, Neufer PD. From OCR and ECAR to energy: Perspectives on the design and interpretation of bioenergetics studies. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2021 Oct 1;297(4). Read It 

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